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content views – post grid & list for wordpress

Please don’t ever discontinue this plugin – by far the most convenient plugin I’ve found for displaying posts in desired formats (which is the backbone of many sites). Aliquam mattis laoreet sollicitudin. There are unlimited colors, hundreds of font families, font-size, text-align, text-transform, etc. You work with Grid Layout by applying CSS rules both to a parent element (which becomes the Grid Container) and to that element’s children (which become Grid Items). Copy the code and paste on page you want to display on. between the posts. Content Views Pro offers a fleet of convenient features without inconveniencing you in other ways. Copy the shortcode and edit the WordPress page where you want to display your post grid. There are 3 simple steps to design your grid by Content Views: To not display posts from a certain category/tag. Thank you for everything! It saves you a lot of time and money. Display more items on your post grid. To displays the 3 most recent posts, center-aligned within the page, with horizontally and vertically centered content, showing the post's title and featured image as a background, use the shortcode like this: Custom field: you can select and show any custom fields of WordPress core, and plugins (ACF, Types, Pods, etc. You can earn from it. All layouts are responsive on any devices, and applied the best SEO practices (heading tag for the title, lazy loading of images, alt tag for images, support rel=”nofollow”, etc.). Just wanted to say thank you to Sonya for her help. A website for a restaurant, on the other hand, might need a page that showcases the menu. Hit EDIT to go to the Layout editor. Translate “Content Views – Post Grid & Filter for WordPress” into your language. Content Views Pro helps you to make money from your website, by displaying Google Adsense, affiliate banners, etc. But the list system does not work. “Content Views – Post Grid & Filter for WordPress” is open source software. 2. After getting the pro version for one site, I soon got the Pro version for a second site as well. You can select a thumbnail style (round edge, border, circle, shadow). You can display advertisements in the grid randomly or in fixed positions. Content Views – Post Grid & Filter for WordPress € 0 Easy To Filter And Display Posts, Pages In Grid/List We believe that a beautiful grid and list of posts with make your WordPress site stand out and keep visitors engaged. Paste the shortcode inside the content area where you want to display the grid. It feels a bit like cheating, but another way to achieve a grid layout is by using … You can display your content quickly with your choice of thumbnail sizes, titles, captions, any metadata you want, style it, etc. The grid data isn't in form elements. Announcement 5; Chat 25; Feedback 5; Forms 40; Helpdesk & Support 11; Q & A / F.A.Q 11; Testimonial 16; Communities & Forums 84. Content Views is a WordPress Grid Plugin that’s available in both the free and premium versions. Content Views Pro is ready to be translated into your language. If you are using a static page as home page, you should paste shortcode [pt_view id= »VIEW_ID »] to editor of that page. There is Pro version of Content Views plugin that comes with many more valuable features to supercharge your WordPress posts grid and list. Downloads. Content Views is a grid and list builder plugin for WordPress that’s free to use. Content Views Pro offers you a lot more features and options. Meaning if you use custom post pages, the plugin won't recognize them. Custom post types are perfect for that. Our resources on Babiato Forum are CLEAN and SAFE. Now I can do it without a single bit of code. I add generated content ::before the grid container and give it a background color. Param name. With Content Views Pro, the valuable Replacing Layout feature will help you to show the beautiful grid of posts on the Blog, Category, … pages in just minutes, no coding required. Content Views free version helps you to display posts, pages in beautiful grid and list. The content and layout are packed into a shortcode which you can add to: The more content you have on your website, the more difficult and time-consuming to find and display the content to your visitors. All settings are well organized, with clear descriptions. Pro. Data source: General: Select content type for your grid. One of the best and most useful plugins I have come across! Show Grid in Homepage with Content Views (free) If your WordPress Homepage is showing posts, but the layout is not good enough, you can use Content Views (free version) to show posts in beautiful Grid layout. That's how 1fr creates equal height rows in a grid container. Super useful plugin. Replace Layout On The Blog, Shop, Category, Tag, Taxonomy, Search, Author, Date… Pages. I’ve bought it for 3 different sites now. We use grid-column-start to specify the starting vertical line for an element. There is a friendly form of settings to help you create your grid and list easily. But the main reason I wanted to add this review was because of the support I received from Sonya Miranda as I worked with the plugin. Learn more Post Type & Social Streams Create responsive grids for your posts, pages or any custom post type. I used the pro version of this plugin a few years ago for one page on a site I developed. You have the option to create grids, collapsible and scrollable lists. Completely Replace Blog Layout with Content Views Pro. Content Views Pro helps you to find and display any WordPress content quickly and easily, using the easy-to-use admin panel. I didn’t change anything else, so my post grid still has the Flat layout. What is a Grid-View? Choose posts type, build your own unique query and define what kind of information to display. This was about the 5th grid plugin I had tried due to the others either not quite working well enough or conflicting with my other plugins. Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by editing this post. Beskrivning. Content Views. The support, updating, and features are excellent. The OVERLAY GRID is missing. This was the best value for my $$ ever on WordPress. Active Installations ~ 100,000. Content Views Pro cuts the number of plugins we need in half and reduces the amount of code. All settings are well organized, with clear descriptions. WordPress plugin for filter and search WordPress content data - posts and their custom types by taxonomies and meta data fields on the same time Subscribe on our amazing news Pre-Sale Question 2; 1; 1 year, 3 months ago. Get Content Views – Post Grid & List for WordPress 2.1.1 (or higher version) plugin created by CVSOFT Demo of Content Views Pro. The first view that’s created when your app starts is called the main view. The pro version also includes helpful documentation for customizations like using views on your archive, search, and blog pages. Solid, pretty much bulletproof, and it works without fiddling. The header row ended at two, so this will be placed right under it. Have used this for almost 4 years now, and cannot do without it! Clicking on it will display a shortcode. Thankfully, I came across Content Views Pro. On the other side there are media grid elements which are using WordPress Media Library as their source, just like Image Gallery or Single Image content elements. Essential Grid (Premium) Essential Grid is the best-selling WordPress grid plugin available today. Simply install and enjoy. Click on Title of View you want to edit. After activating the plugin, the AMP plugin warns that it's not compatible with AMP. Content Views Pro - Display WordPress Contents In Grid & More Layout v5.8.3.1. Content Views helps you to create beautiful grid and list to display the recent posts, the posts of specific category, tag, author easily, without any line of code! Content Views. They let you show a grid display of posts in WordPress. Do you want to show categories to visitors? post grid can display on archive pages dynamically on categories, tags, custom taxonomy & terms pages, author, search, date and etc. Sorry, 1 star from me. .po/.mo files are also included to translate any string of the plugin. Purchase with confidence – see our refund policy. ... tables to manage spread across multiple systems. The plugin supports both posts and pages. I’d recommend this to all. Thoroughly tested and optimized for best performance. With Content Views Pro, you can do more than you expect! Content Views requires no time to learn, no coding skill to create beautiful grid and list of posts for your WordPress site. Also the Pro version is really worth the investment. ContentViews – Post Grid & List for WordPress. (You can have a quick look at my new grid layout for my existing category: “Beading Tips and Techniques“) over at ClearlyHelena.com. Get the latest news and offers, for FREE: Content Views Pro is the premium extension of our free. Please click features on the left, to see results on the right. Feedback on WP Content Views plugin. About Us Page; Our Office; Our Services Page 1 ; Our Service Page 2; Team Member; Meet The Team 1; Meet The Team 2; Meet The Team 3; Contact Us Page 1; Client & Testimonial ; Help Center; Plan And Pricing; RTL Example; COMPATIBILITY. You not only made an excellent plugin but your level of dedication to anybody who uses it – puts you aside among many other plugin authors. For the cost of the product, you are a dream. Shuffle Filter – use Dropdown type on mobile devices . Content Views. In my case, I chose to include only the title. It is reasonably priced and really fantastic. Again, custom post types. You can leverage it. View basics. awesome ican manage easlily when work with elementor, Grid layout for WordPress Category, Blog, Search, Archive pages, A special thanks to Sonya Miranda for her support, Easy to make an attractive grid of posts based on category, Display grid of posts on WordPress page, widget, theme template easily by shortcode, Display posts from specific category, tag, author, ID, Show posts’ featured images in grid gallery, Display title, excerpt, full content, thumbnail, published date, author, category, comments count of posts, Show posts in Collapsible list, useful for a FAQ page, Show posts in Scrollable list, a simple slider of posts, Easy to customize and extend with many custom actions, filters hook, GDPR compliance (Content Views does not collect and store any personal data), Support membership plugins: Paid Memberships Pro, Members, Ultimate Member, MemberPress, MemberMouse, WP eMember, Support translation plugins: WPML, Polylang, qTranslate, Make money $ online by displaying advertisements (Google Adsense, HTML banner…) in posts grid, Styling – Customize design without writing CSS, Advanced sorting options – Random order, Custom field, Drag & Drop…, Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard, Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard, Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard, Compatible with the upcoming WordPress 5.6, Update: remove non-authors in the backend author filter, Prevent text of another plugin from showing in generated excerpt, Fix content visibility issue on Safari browser when using the option « Do not wrap text around image » in Display Settings, Update: Better solutions to fix compatibility issues, Compatibility: Avoid issue caused by a hide post plugin (which modifies query without proper checking), Update: Improve SEO for Ajax pagination: relace the format, Update: Add link to title in the Collapsible list, Update: Show original post title in Collapsible list without stripping HTML tags as previous versions, New: Add option to show original full content without attempt to balance HTML tags, Enhancement: upgrade bootstrap framework to latest secure version 3.4.1, Prevent grid layout issues caused by grid/flexbox styles of some themes, Fix: Showing full post content issue caused by last version, Security improvement: Prevent direct access to plugin files, Compatibility: Ensure the full post content (created by « Beaver Builder » plugin) in View is as same as in single post page, Fix: Non-Ajax pagination in custom taxonomy archives causes 404 error, Fix: No line-break in Text widget caused by a change in version 2.1, Update: SEO friendly URL for non-Ajax pagination (change from /?_page=N to /pages/N), Update: Prevent private taxonomies from being shown in meta fields, Update: Adjust color of the Content Views icon in Dashboard menu, only highlight on open/click, Update: Prevent empty p tag from being added to View output in Text widget, Update: Some other updates & improvements, Update: Redirect /?vpage=NUMBER to new URL depending on which page the pagination is showing on, Compatible Fix: Excerpt of posts created by the Cornerstone Page Builder plugin is incorrect, Tweak: Update content of the Settings page and description of some settings, Fix: Embedded URLs (that are on their own line) in post content shows in the excerpt, Update: Remove dependence of « Show Thumbnail » to « Format » setting, of « Show Taxonomies » to « Content Type » setting, Dev: Prevent the global $post to be changed while processing the View shortcode in content of a post, Update: Small CSS update for the Collapsible list, Fix incompatibility with WordPress 4.8.3: No posts found in non-English languages sites, Tweak: Update and add some texts in Add/Edit View page, Settings page, Tweak: remove .mo file, rename .po file to .pot file, Compatible Fix: « Sort by » feature always returns a same order, when the « Intuitive Custom Post Order » plugin is in used, Compatible Fix: Resolve conflict with Slider Revolution plugin, Fix: Text is invisible in some cases when select « Do not wrap text around image » setting, Improvement: Update pages list of ajax pagination more dynamically, Dev: Add filter « comments_count » to customize comment output, Dev: Add filter « hierarchical_post_type » to enable « Parent Page » settings for other post types, Compatible Fix: Posts of excluded categories in « Ultimate category excluder » plugin don’t show in View output, Update: Remove SESSION usage & relative functions, Improvement: Cleanup View transients from database, New: Add setting to not wrap text around image (when show thumbnail on the left/right of text), Tweak: Change class of scrollable carousel element, Fix: Compatible with latest version 2.5.2 of, Update: Remove default font-size of Title, Fix: « Sort by » feature always returns a same order, when the « Simple Custom Post Order » plugin is in used, Fix: View output doesn’t appear correctly in page created by OptimizePress plugin, New: Add setting to change HTML tag for Title, Update: Show message in Preview panel when enabled Pagination but there is only 1 page, Tweak: More useful information in Content Views >> Settings page, Improvement: Refactor some code to improve performance, Fix: Shortcode of « Visual Composer » plugin is visible in content of posts loaded by Ajax pagination, Fix: « Sort by » feature always returns a same order, when the « Post Types Order » plugin is in used, Update: Add Romania translation, thanks to « Dan Caragea », Update: Add Dutch translation, thanks to « At Voogt », Update: Add Chinese translation, thanks to « JIGE-HNM (iojpe dot com) », Update: Add Russian translation, thanks to @snakecom, Tweak: Add some filters to customize authors list, thumbnail, excerpt, Fix: In some cases, HTML output of excerpt is broken when allows HTML tags in excerpt, Improvement: More clear and simple label, text for some settings, Update: Add default font-style normal for link & button, New: Show link to add new View from Admin bar, Fix: Correct output of Scrollable list in Tablet devices, Update: simplify label of some settings in Add/Edit View page, Improvement: simplify code base and improve performance of Grid, Collapsible List, Improvement: some style adjustments for Scrollable List, Update: Save temporary View data to WordPress transient if SESSION is not available, Improvement: Show all content of Collapsible list when printing, Improvement: Remove prefix « by », « in » (before taxonomy, author) to save translation effort, Improvement: More accurate, time-saving mechanism to remove raw shortcodes text of other plugins in post content, Fix: « View maybe not exist » error, caused by custom filter hook (which modifies, Tweak: Update message when something went wrong, show exact error in Preview panel, Tweak: Update description for keyword setting, Tweak: Introduce filter « pt_cv_link_html » to modify HTML output of title, thumbnail, read-more button, Revert force_balance_tags() for item HTML wrapper, to prevent broken output, Tweak: Introduce filter « pt_cv_pagination_text » to customize pagination text, Fix: XSS security flaw (a big thank to Tristan Madani), Tweak: Improve logic/coding in settings processing, view output functions, Tweak: Update some descriptions in View dashboard, Update: Make excerpt length works with languages which don’t use spaces between words, Update: Validate session ID before using to prevent session hijacking, New: Add wrapper for Grid items, to facilitate adding custom style (background color, border, padding, margin), Fix: W3C validator (duplicate ID « pt-cv-page-1 »), Tweak: Change sort by option « Created date » to « Published date », Tweak: Remove filter « excerpt_clean_tags », add filter « tag_to_remove » to exclude content of any HTML tags from excerpt, Improvement: Minify and combine styles, scripts to save bandwidth and improve performance, Fix: [Scrollable List] Indicators don’t change active status, Update: [Collapsible List] Allow HTML tags (, Fix: Broken View output when put View shortcode in Text element of Divi Builder plugin, Fix: Shortcode of another plugin is visible in Preview panel, Tweak: Add filter to show all collapsible items at page load, Fix: Conflict with Autoptimize plugin (when enabled, Fix: Incorrect number of words in excerpt when uses, Tweak: Add filter hook to create custom output completely, New: Add setting to configure responsive output for Mobile, Tablet devices easily, Update: Hide all notices of other plugins in Add/Edit View page, Improvement: Faster performance with optimized core filter « item_col_class », Fix: [View dashboard] Term boxes under « Select taxonomy » panel are not shown after saving View, New: Add option to enable/disable « Open first item by default » for Collapsible List, Update: Leverage WordPress core translations (for « Read More », « No posts found. And it worked brilliantly. It is all in one – great and very user-friendly usage that helps me to create ultimate grids. yarddaddy; December 16, 2018; Plugins; To create a view to display on a page, Go to Dashboard→Content Views→Content Type=Post→Click “Advance, then category and select category, click save or update. Grid; Pinterest; Masonry; Timeline; One and others; Collapsible list; Scrollable list; Glossary list; Multiple Views on page; Multiple post types on View; Advanced Output. Just purchased this for our e-learning site. This plugin works like a dream. page builder (Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi, Elementor, Beaver, and more). Page Builder option. post grid has pre-made layout allows you to create unique grid instantly. There is a live preview panel to see your posts grid instantly. Pagination Padding. It is crucial for any website to help visitors to find their desired content quickly and easily. Anyone can use it. This plugin worked well straight away. Only the grid system works on AMP website. Live preview, straightforward settings, no code template or syntax involved. Praesent nec facilisis lacus, sed adipiscing massa. You can easily add them to a post, page, widget, or theme file with a shortcode. Content Views. Description. 2,778 3 3 gold badges 29 29 silver badges 43 43 bronze badges. Search for: Search forums or Log in to Create a Topic Create beautiful post grid for any custom post type & page and display anywhere via shortcode. Custom post types are perfect for that. We believe that a beautiful grid and list of posts with make your WordPress site stand out and keep visitors engaged. The free plugin is popular, with over 50000 active installs. Would you like to support the advancement of this plugin? It requires no time to learn, no coding skill. Content Views requires no time to learn, no coding skill to create beautiful grid and list of posts for your WordPress site. That's why we built Content Views, a WordPress post grid and list plugin that's EASY and POWERFUL. An app view is the 1:1 pairing of a thread and a window that the app uses to display content. Well done the Content Views Pro team! Follow answered Oct 29 '13 at 20:15. devXen devXen. For example, a musician might need a page for their music albums or playlists. * Step 1: Filter any posts you want to show (with many possible options: ID, category, tag, author, keyword, status). Description. Tweak: Update Notice message at front-end (when Javascript error occurs) to avoid misunderstand, Improvement: Detect Javascript errors (which can stop Content Views from working properly), show guide to try to solve it automatically, Improvement: Prevent error « Permission denied » by session_start() in some hostings, Improvement: Prevent conflicts with dropdown Menu in theme, Improvement: Clearer shortcode information in View edit page, Improvement: Add 2 clear notices in View dashboard about term, thumbnail, Improvement: Increase performance by optimizing styles, scripts, Improvement: Print friendly (remove plain text URL after each link in Print mode), Update: Disable option « Don’t load Bootstrap 3 style & script », Improvement: [supports qTranslate-X plugin] Generate valid excerpt of post in current language, Fixed: Some bugs of pagination in special cases, Update: Drop support for « vpage » parameter in (Ajax) Numbered pagination to prevent ambiguous logic, Bug fixed: Content floats after View output, Update: Set Administrator (instead of Editor) as default user role who can add, edit, delete View, Update: Do not wrap items in output to rows anymore, Improvement: Better View dashboard (simplified text & description, improved styles & scripts, improved display in Tablet), Improvement: Better performance by better solution. Content Views Pro includes all features you need to: Choose from many beautiful layouts. I wanted to do even more customization than it does out of the box and she was absolutely brilliant at providing me with exact code I needed to do this and the responses were always quick. Translation. Started by: vianaerich. Please add this code to Custom CSS field (the left textarea) in Content Views >> Settings page: /* Show borders around each post in Grid */ .pt-cv-ifield {border: 1px solid #eee; padding: 15px;} Best regards, Posted on February 20, 2018 November 24, 2020 Categories Customization Tags custom CSS Post navigation . But this was just too good, and saved me a lot of time. The height of each row is determined by the tallest (max-content) grid item. Support has always been very quick and responsive. Started with the free version and immediately saw that what it can do. You may also want to read a related article on sharing or embedding a view on your website. Upgrade to Pro. These criteria have many useful options to help you control the displayed content. 4; 3; 1 year, 1 month ago. You have complete control to show or hide any information, to change the display order of information by drag & drop. Aliquam mattis laoreet sollicitudin. Quisque vel tincidunt nisl, sit amet lacinia dolor. Show Views in columns. Paste View ID or title to text field beside « Search Views » button, then click the button to search. 1-Click To Select Which Information To Show. Easy interface. 2; 1; 1 year, 3 months ago. 2020-04-08 Lines of Code.

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